Thursday, June 21, 2012


Well Fathers Day came and went.

S3 and I bonded over repairing the Mrs' car.  Her throw out bearing was bad and she wouldn't drive it till it was fixed. Pulled the engine on Sunday and put it all back together on Monday.  He called in with car problems to get the day off, didn't tell them it was his Mom's car.
Anyway it's an OLD car but gets 40MPG, would have cost more to hire it done than car is worth.
Was only a 100 deadpres to do it ourselves and put in a new clutch and rear main while we had it apart. 

Like this but with more clothes !

Any way the Mrs is back in business, watch out DI she's on her way.

Oh yeah Fathers Day, S1/DIL stopped by with some special cupcakes.
S2 took us to the White Owl for lunch on the rooftop patio.
And we checked out the booths at SummerFest.