Saturday, October 27, 2012


Well it’s been a while, guess I’ll start with a month ago.

The Mrs. And I flew back East to visit some kin.

We flew into upstate NY to see my 93 year young Aunt. She is the last blood kin I have left from my Parents generation.

She is doin great. Made us grilled cheese and soup for lunch both days we were there.
Cooked a big supper one day and took us out the other night. She even had us go along to her Thursday morning Breakfast Club at the local greasy spoon.

I had never been there before. I think it was 1957 when they moved to this house.

Then we drove a rental car to the southern point of Maine. The Mrs has a sister, niece, and families there. They all live in the country in the Trees. I had never seen so many Trees, from upstate NY we drove due East for 400 miles and it was Trees the whole way. We were just a little early to see the leaves as they were just barely starting to turn.

I’d never been to the Atlantic Ocean , my first time WOO HOO !

We rode Amtrak to Boston one day and took a Tour Bus excursion. I'm not a history, or big city person.

Had a seafood feast put on by the In-laws

Shrimp on the Barbe, Steamers, Corn on the cobb, and Lobtsa. The shrimp was my favorite.

Anyway back home safe and sound.