Background Dirt

Who is the Gentile ?

Well I got my start over half a century (depressing thought I know) ago in the Midwest.
First Grade Class Pic.

Born to a farm family, the middle of three boys.
Our only family vacation 1963

Grew up having to do stuff, drive tractors, and feed animals.

Dreamt of being the host of Wild Kingdom.

On the artistic side, drew lots of pictures when young and made real things (machines) as a teenager. Made a vehicle from Junk Yard parts at 15.
King the dog and the Blue Goose.

Too shy to date girls in high school.

Forced to join the Military because of Vietnam, 4 yr. stint in the AF.(Saving grace of those 4 years, I was no longer afraid of girls.)
Goodfellow AFB 1971

Left the Midwest in search of John Denver’s “Rocky Mt. High”.

Pa, Ma, B2,Me, and B1 (1973)
Just before leaving the farm behind.

Ended up in Utah, everything and more than I’d imagined the mountains to be.
Looking to the West.

Looking to the East, typical May veiws.

Met the Mrs soon after moving here and a year later we were hitched at the courthouse. (We are of differing religions, so we took the easy way out.)

We spawned off three youngin’s, all boys much to the Mrs dismay. (By default we raised them by example instead of dogma, and they’ve become responsible adults.)

S3,S1, and S2 (1984)
S1's 5th birthday 

S1's HS graduation 1998

Have worked in the construction trades all this time, and love creating something physical daily.

Love to laugh, and sarcasm rocks, life is so funny it keeps me going !