Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Well,I think I’ll try this venting to the whole universe thing.

You know the last thing the Mrsss. would call herself is a control freak, and for the most part that is true, but.

Yesterday was a nice warm day for March; it’s been warm for a few days, so this weekend I trimmed a couple apple trees and some shrubs.  I needed to cut up some of the larger stuff and needed the chainsaw so waited for Monday. Even though we don’t observe the Sabbath, I still would rather not fire up the saw in respect for others. So yesterday I cut the stuff up and loaded the larger pieces into the wheelbarrow and made a couple of trips to the woodpile. We burn a lot of wood since we have a potbelly stove, and our century+ old house isn’t easy to heat with the furnace. We have two types of wood in the pile, lumber scraps from work and limbs from all the trees on our large lot. Anywho I piled my limbs nicely on the side of the pile nearest the house.

Well when I went out to feed the Barn Cat I saw all the wood I stacked had been moved to the other side of the pile where other branches had been previously stacked. WTH isn’t firewood, FIREWOOD!

It’s just one of those things that eats on old people that you learn to deal with when you’re both too lazy tired to fight.

Anyway this Spring is shaping up to be much different than the last three years when we didn’t even get warm weather till mid-June when it went right to Summer.

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  1. Love this! Something I totally would NOT do....